General Architecture

The general architecture is written using web-technologies like React and Node.js. This enables a server-client architecture with all the benefits that such modern software frameworks have to offer. The software itself is written in a system independent manor and with easy-to-create interfaces, such that interfaces to new systems can be established fast and efficiently. The systems are controlled using basic system functionalities on the skill level of each system, meaning that the abstraction is on such a level that every user can interact with the systems intuitively and create processes without worrying about details.

User Interface Design

The user interface is designed in such a way that every user, even non-experts, can create processes with multiple machines fast and error-free. This is done by using an intuitive visual programming language for process creations, that can be edited with simple drag and drop actions and read and understood by everybody. Together with digital twins of every system and the possibility to simulate the created process, no user will make mistakes.